Tag: Visual Art

The Koi by the Garbage Cans

I am a retired Episcopal priest, a long time friend and former colleague of Joani Peacock’s, who lives in Charlottesville, Virginia. Over the last two months I have been photographing the public artwork that graces our beautiful city and sharing one work each day on Facebook. My hope was that in these strange, anxious days…

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Nature in the Neighborhood

By the time Memorial Day arrives most years, many of us would be plotting our summer getaways, if not already leaving on one. We’d be dreaming of adventure and/or beautiful destinations. This year, with apologies to Dr. Seuss: Oh, The Places You Won’t Go!  This year, adventures may be on hold, but places of great beauty are…

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Grieving for Strangers

I’ll admit to enjoying a lot about being quarantined: sleeping in, pajamas all day, unstructured hours, long, lazy conversations with my family on the front porch or at the fire pit. But, in the background, I can still sense the constant bell tolling for fellow Americans fighting to breathe, suffering and dying from COVID-19. At…

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