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Forty Days a Muslim

Once upon a time, Emmanuel observed midday prayers with our Muslim brothers and sisters. Late January 2017, EEC reached out to MAS and they reached back. That is, Emmanuel Episcopal Church (post the initial infamous travel ban) reached out in friendship to the Muslim American Society Community Center. I called their office and left a  message: “We are with…

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The Word Made Fresh

Christmas carols.  Old familiar favorites.  I remember singing them in grammar school — so well — I got kicked out of Glee Club for my rendition of Joy to the World!:)  I used to plunk out the carol notes on the piano from my tattered Easy Carols Piano Book.  Even when all grown up it made my heart glad…

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Dream Joseph, Dream

Frederick Beuchner in his book Peculiar Treasures tells a story about Jesus’ daddy — the Dreamer. Thank you very much Fred. Let me paraphrase it here. After hearing Mary’s news and confronted with a nightmare of a marriage,  Joseph does what any self respecting man would do.  He decides to hit the hay and catch some ZZZZ’s.  As…

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