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Wrestling with Angels, Biblical Style

Here is a biblical tale on a biblical scale of the Lord God Almighty trying to get his people’s attention. Sometimes God whispers with that “still small voice” and sometimes God uses a megaphone. Jeremiah, the 7th century B.C. “weeping prophet” was definitely one of these. His book is one of “the most stark and pessimistic in all of biblical…

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Dressing for a Pandemic

1963. Open my wardrobe and what do you see? Smocked dress and white puffy blouse.  Catholic school uniform and Peter Pan collars. Mary Janes and Keds. 1973. Open my wardrobe and what do you see? Peasant dress and army jacket. Bellbottoms and macramé belts. High School blazer and saddle shoes. 1983. Open my wardrobe and what…

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