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Wonder Bread

My apologies to the gluten-intolerant. (Though I am happy for you that there is gluten-free everything,  including communion wafers😊.) Yes, my apologies, but I do I confess that I am CRAZY about gluten. “Bread is the staff of life,” has been my motto since I was a child. Remember Wonder Bread? Wrapped in a package printed with bright balloons, the…

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Cool. Clear. Water.

When I was a child “Cool Clear Water” was one of my father’s favorite songs. When my dad sang this song you knew he was in a good mood. At least for the time being, all was right with the world. After a long hard day’s work at the hospital, my dad would come home…

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Summertime and the livin’ is… George Gershwin Once upon a time, the very first fireworks were concocted in a cooking pot: cooked up by a Chinese cook in her kitchen. At least, so the legend goes. Apparently the combustible ingredients were right there in her spice cabinet: saltpeter, charcoal, sulfur, and a dash of who…

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