Tag: The Rev. Grace Pratt

The Canaanite Woman

This is a complicated Gospel we have here this morning. For starters, it is a little hard for me to imagine Jesus being so rude and angry. This is not my Jesus, my Jesus said “let the little children come to me.” He perpetually had birds on his shoulders and his arms were always outstretched.…

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Missing Church

This past semester during a chapel team meeting, one of my chaplain colleagues told us all about an amusing survey he had taken. It was some kind of religious life survey and he was tickled because the survey had told him that he was a religious fanatic. We all found this amusing since the term…

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Waiting on Resurrection

I have a vivid memory of listening to Joani’s sermon the first Sunday of our quarantine, admittedly while I cleaned our house and the boys napped. Anyone else remember not multitasking? But what I mostly remember was how comforting it was to listen to her familiar voice. She encouraged us to think of the hardest…

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