Tag: September 2020

Coffee Hour: The Musical Edition

Sunday, September 20th, Emmanuel’s Pied Piper, Ryan Fitch, Emmanuel’s Music Director, hosted Zoom Coffee Hour. The topic was favorite hymns, songs and music: secular and sacred. And so much fun! Ryan, a gifted teacher, choral director and organist makes everything fun! The Zoom screen was more than Brady Bunch full, as people shared their favorites…

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Jack Kornfield is a bestselling author.  He is also, as I understand it, a Buddhist monk.  Jack has taught mindfulness techniques and meditation around the world.  Lots of people are familiar with his work.  I have long admired and at times borrowed some of his stories.  Today is one of those days. On the train from Washington, D.C. to Philadelphia,…

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“With Malice Toward None”

Let me tell you the story of V Street versus 13th Street. It is my family’s story wrapped up in the story of my family’s hometown. My beloved hometown is just a stone’s throw across the Potomac. I am fond of telling people on my tours at the Library of Congress, that D.C. is not a…

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