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The Dwelling Place is Here

“Lord we do not know where you’re going, how will we know the way?” Jesus has gone to make a dwelling place. How many of us would like to be in that dwelling place, rather than our own dwelling place? Maybe it’s a little bigger. Maybe there’s more yard. Maybe, just maybe, the annoying people in our…

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Emmanuel at Home Morning Prayer

Emmanuel at Home Morning Prayer is a portable and complete digital liturgy available 24/7. Scroll down to learn more and click on the latest or prior weeks’ services! If you would like to subscribe click here to receive Emmanuel’s weekly worship and communications. Emmanuel offers TWO ways to worship. Come join us live in the…

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Foretaste of Heaven

As we gather in our homes to reexperience the last supper, and to honor the mandate Jesus gave us to love one another as he has loved us, my mind returns to another last supper, and another friend on the edge of death.  When she learned she was dying, my friend Mary Kay rearranged her…

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