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Reimagining Joy

It was the year for my organization’s Biannual Conference. The committee had put together a day filled with speakers and breakout sessions around the theme for this year: Wellness, Balance, Equity.  We were hosting it at the Intercontinental at the Wharf, a beautiful venue, on March 10.  Although it was right before the world was completely turned…

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Liturgy, Sticky to the Soul

Often times, we spend a great deal of time urging ourselves and others to attend worship and take part in a congregation of faith, but now it seems we are unable to do this.  What do we do?  Last year, I chose to “de-center” in the words of Bishop Curry and embark on a spiritual journey…

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Never Alone

Brother & Sister, Chris & Rachel Piemonte perform  Tori Kelly’s “Never Alone“ In my time I’ve travelled some roadsA rolling stoneNowhere feels like homeAnd I’ve seen people come, then they goLife is just a story of some highs and some lowsTell me do you believe in miracles?I’m standing here before your eyes I’ve cried many…

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