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My Covid Outfit

Regardless of how historic this past year has been, I didn’t keep a quarantine journal. What would have been the point? Every day was exactly like the last one: a few thousand more Americans dead and nowhere for the living to go. While my family, and general situation, were fine, I still had lingering blue…

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Note: Kristin Neubauer’s story is a work of creative nonfiction, based on the experience of Maya Husseini, Lebanon’s premiere stained glass artist. Illustration by Margaret Wohler. Tick. The second hand on Maya’s watch moves six-tenths of a millimeter to the right, the click of the cogs lost in the space of cathedral’s soaring arches. In…

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ASF: The Quest (A Giving Message)

For email posts, click here to watch “ASF:The Quest” on Youtube. The Adult Spiritual Formation Ministry Team organizes a full menu of programs to engage parishioners’ hearts, souls and minds: A variety of ways to deepen our faith, wrestle with angels, and translate love of neighbor into action. Offerings include Rabbi via Zoom, Popcorn Theology,…

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