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“Something Holier”

NOTE: This post is the first in a new series: “From the Desk of” featuring theological reflection and a Christian response to current events and the state of the world. Like many of you, Joani’s recent homily “Ticked at God” elicited many thoughts and conversations in our family.  In advance of an upcoming conversation on this…

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I Need the Bread of Life

Bread and more bread huh? Every three years in our lectionary cycle we have a summer of “Bread of life” sermons from Jesus in John’s Gospel. Now many Episcopalians are not at church during this time but since I have been a priest in training or a new priest or a supply priest for the…

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Waiting for Georgia

I’m not much of a poet, but I felt compelled to write this poem almost a year ago, during the height of the pandemic, while waiting for the arrival of our daughter, Georgie, who is almost 10 months now.  With a full heart, we took this pic together on our first family vacation to Newport,…

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