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A Field Guide to Angels: An Advent Almanac

Advent 2022 begins Sunday, November 27th. Angels.   Every year, when they were little, my children donned cardboard wings in the Christmas pageant. And through the centuries gilded angel wings have graced a bazillion Christmas cards. Angels. Pretty, poetic symbols.  Anachronistic theology of the Middle Ages.  Superstition in the scientific age.  Right?  Yet every Sunday we confess that “We…

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Three Degrees of Separation

Good Morning, everyone! My name is Kim Scott and I am a high school French teacher at St. Stephen’s and St. Agnes School and also a care team member for Emmanuel’s refugee support ministry. As an educator, I am so fortunate in that I can teach my students French, and also have the opportunity every…

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Profound Experiences

One day, I was listening to NPR. The program host was interviewing people who had had profound spiritual experiences that they could not explain and that had changed them for life. The story that I remembered most was told by a 60-year old woman who described what happened to her as a 14-year-old girl on…

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