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The Delicate Dance of Dinnertime

How are your table manners?  What’s acceptable dinner conversation at your house?  Generally, forboden topics are sex, politics, or religion, right? Apparently, they interfere with one’s digestion.  Hard to do though, right? Growing up at mealtime, my father’s medical talk just about pushed my mother over the precipice. My dad would accept calls from the hospital or patients…

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MY CONFESSION dear ones in Christ gathered faithfully here at Emmanuel is that my memory is bad lately. Not for names or faces: I’m having trouble sometimes with the day of the week, the month, or even what year it is. Some of that is the weather here in Virginia in April—winter then summer in…

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Foretaste of Heaven

As we gather in our homes to reexperience the last supper, and to honor the mandate Jesus gave us to love one another as he has loved us, my mind returns to another last supper, and another friend on the edge of death.  When she learned she was dying, my friend Mary Kay rearranged her…

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