Tag: Epiphany

Go Tell It On the Mountain

The biblical story of the Transfiguration (Luke 9:28-43a) — proclaimed today – appears in each of the four Gospels as an important moment in the life of Jesus and as evidence of His divinity.  After Jesus performs a series of miracles and foretells His own death, Jesus leads just three of His disciples, Peter, James…

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Love Really Is All Around

Be present in my words, oh God, and in all our hearts. Amen.  Typically, preachers always look to the lessons for the week for their sermons. The Old Testament, New Testament, or most commonly, the Gospel. But each week, part of our Lectionary – the selected daily readings in the Episcopal Church – is also…

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Wrapped Up in a Bulletin

They visited. They worshiped. They prayed. They sang. They saved the bulletin. Who are they? They are a UK couple who took a once in a lifetime cruise to the United States. Docked in D.C., they ventured into Alexandria and came to church.  Our church, Emmanuel. Cleaning out her parents’ South Hampton, England home, their granddaughter, Jo Ashley, found…

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