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Old Woman and the Sea

I am no Hemingway… But like the Old Man of his Pulitzer Prize winning novel, I have long had a problematic relationship with large bodies of water. Sea water and pool water. As a child – by the sea, by the beautiful sea – my fair, freckled skin would fry to a crisp. Bright red…

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Coffee Hour in the Kingdom

When I was growing up, there was a pecking order at the Peacock house that played out in different ways.  It was sounded out every time my mom called for one of the six of us. She would rattle off our names from the oldest to the youngest: Maureen, Timmy, Joani, Bernie Clare. Joseph. One of us…

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Of the Father’s Love Begotten

Happy Father’s Day! Today we remember all of the fathers, all of the dads, all of the grandfathers and great-grandfathers. And all of the beloved father-figures in our lives — whatever gender they might be! So, today, of course, I remember my dad — who was a force-of-life in my life. (And I know what you’re…

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