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Come to Me

Hi everyone.  Happy 4th of July weekend.  I hope you’re able to celebrate some of the usual holiday aspects of this special day, including maybe having some fireworks, hotdogs, hamburgers and watermelon of your own.  Please tell me s’mores are involved!   As we celebrate this national holiday, I know we’re all reminded that “freedom isn’t free” so a…

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Hi everyone, thank you for gathering with us today. As you know, today is the 14th Sunday we have worshipped at home. I don’t know about all of you but I’ve recently noticed that since the coronavirus became the huge thing that it is on our planet, writers in all kinds of media have been…

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Wrestling with Angels, Biblical Style

Here is a biblical tale on a biblical scale of the Lord God Almighty trying to get his people’s attention. Sometimes God whispers with that “still small voice” and sometimes God uses a megaphone. Jeremiah, the 7th century B.C. “weeping prophet” was definitely one of these. His book is one of “the most stark and pessimistic in all of biblical…

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