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The Church Survives

A very good friend gifted me with a delightful and nerdy book: A Field Guide to the English Clergy: A Compendium of Diverse Eccentrics, Pirates, Prelates and Adventurers; All Anglican, Some Even Practicing. Written by The Rev. Fergus Butler-Gallie, a reviewer describes the book as “Ridiculously enjoyable” and I agree. The chapters are divided into various galleries…

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B(u)y the Book, By the Sea, Bipolar

“Summertime and the Livin’ is…” George Gershwin A bibliophile, my book stack is always piled high. There are so many reasons why I read but the beauty of a book, no matter what it is about, is that it can be read anywhere. Portable inspiration, intellectual inquiry, history, mystery, biography, theology, romance, and travelogue. Over…

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Bibliotherapy: Coffee Hour Edition

Emmanuel at Home Morning Prayer on July 26th was all about books. “Reading for Hope: A Book Report Wrapped in a Homily” was the morning’s message for grownups. And “Happy Reading: A Children’s Homily” was my weekly offering for younger members. Each concluded with my invitation to listeners to bring a book to share with…

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