Tag: August 2021

I Need the Bread of Life

Bread and more bread huh? Every three years in our lectionary cycle we have a summer of “Bread of life” sermons from Jesus in John’s Gospel. Now many Episcopalians are not at church during this time but since I have been a priest in training or a new priest or a supply priest for the…

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Except in a church.

In many ways, my faith journey is a fairly common one. I grew up in a Christian household where we took turns saying the blessing before each meal, read the Bible together daily at breakfast, and attended church as a family at least once a week. Starting in college, I needed distance from the religion…

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Crushing Tin Cans for Jesus

Today is one of those rare occasions when I have not chosen the Gospel reading to preach on.   Last Sunday we began a five-week series on the Bread of Life discourse from St. John’s Gospel, so we’ll come back to Eucharistic themes several more times throughout the month of August.  Instead, please let me…

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