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The Word Made Fresh

Christmas carols.  Old familiar favorites.  I remember singing them in grammar school — so well — I got kicked out of Glee Club for my rendition of Joy to the World!:)  I used to plunk out the carol notes on the piano from my tattered Easy Carols Piano Book.  Even when all grown up it made my heart glad…

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A Field Guide to Angels: An Advent Almanac

Advent 2022 begins Sunday, November 27th. Angels.   Every year, when they were little, my children donned cardboard wings in the Christmas pageant. And through the centuries gilded angel wings have graced a bazillion Christmas cards. Angels. Pretty, poetic symbols.  Anachronistic theology of the Middle Ages.  Superstition in the scientific age.  Right?  Yet every Sunday we confess that “We…

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Christmas at The Red Truck Bakery

Hi everyone.  Thank you for either attending a Christmas Eve or Christmas Day service in person, by zoom or by selecting Emmanuel at Home.  22 months into the pandemic I had certainly hoped we would find ourselves in a different place; but alas, here we are.  Unfortunately, like millions of others around the globe and…

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