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The Rev. Joani Peacock, Editor for Emmanuel Voices: A Parish Blog

Never Alone

Brother & Sister, Chris & Rachel Piemonte perform  Tori Kelly’s “Never Alone“ In my time I’ve travelled some roadsA rolling stoneNowhere feels like homeAnd I’ve seen people come, then they goLife is just a story of some highs and some lowsTell me do you believe in miracles?I’m standing here before your eyes I’ve cried many…

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There Was A Man Born Blind

Hi everyone, thank you for tuning into today’s sermon.   These certainly are wild and ever changing times and we at Emmanuel are doing our level best to adapt with the changing news and happenings all around us – all in a spirit of flexibility, joy and anticipation.  Working hard to stay in the present moment and…

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Emmanuel at Home Morning Prayer

Emmanuel at Home Morning Prayer is a portable and complete digital liturgy available 24/7. Scroll down to learn more and click on the latest or prior weeks’ services! If you would like to subscribe click here to receive Emmanuel’s weekly worship and communications. Emmanuel offers TWO ways to worship. Come join us live in the…

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Jesus wept.

One of my favorite books is Gospel.  No, not the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke or John but a big, rambling 800-page novel by Wilton Barnhardt.  Gospel is the story of an eccentric hardboiled Chicago Irish professor and his nubile graduate student assistant, as they travel the world: Europe, Africa, the Middle East, the Americas, in search of a…

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Foretaste of Heaven

As we gather in our homes to reexperience the last supper, and to honor the mandate Jesus gave us to love one another as he has loved us, my mind returns to another last supper, and another friend on the edge of death.  When she learned she was dying, my friend Mary Kay rearranged her…

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What Are The Rules?

Riley is the seven year old Golden Retriever who lives with his human family across the street from Max and me. Riley has been well trained to stay within the boundaries of his home. Riley loves his tennis ball. Riley has trained all of us who know him how to play ball with him. His…

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