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The Rev. Joani Peacock, Editor for Emmanuel Voices: A Parish Blog

Honoring George Floyd

I would not consider myself the smartest man in the room.  I know lots of folks who really are the smartest people in the room.  I have a lot of respect for those “brainiacs.”  I would, however, consider myself a reasonable man.  A good man.  A kind man.  A compassionate man.  An Irish-American man who…

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The scriptures you read today are about the story of the Ascension in the Book of Acts.  The lectionary places today’s gospel, John 17:1-11 – Jesus’ prayer concerning unity – at the end of the Easter season; but in John’s gospel the prayer for unity among His followers occurs at the end of the last supper, so that…

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Nature in the Neighborhood

By the time Memorial Day arrives most years, many of us would be plotting our summer getaways, if not already leaving on one. We’d be dreaming of adventure and/or beautiful destinations. This year, with apologies to Dr. Seuss: Oh, The Places You Won’t Go!  This year, adventures may be on hold, but places of great beauty are…

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Pencils Down

I have a pretty shameful memory from when I was back in the 4th Grade. We were taking a spelling test, and I think this was the first year we had begun to check each other’s work. After taking the test, I passed mine to the student in the desk behind me, and got the test…

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Waiting on Resurrection

I have a vivid memory of listening to Joani’s sermon the first Sunday of our quarantine, admittedly while I cleaned our house and the boys napped. Anyone else remember not multitasking? But what I mostly remember was how comforting it was to listen to her familiar voice. She encouraged us to think of the hardest…

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Dressing for a Pandemic

1963. Open my wardrobe and what do you see? Smocked dress and white puffy blouse.  Catholic school uniform and Peter Pan collars. Mary Janes and Keds. 1973. Open my wardrobe and what do you see? Peasant dress and army jacket. Bellbottoms and macramé belts. High School blazer and saddle shoes. 1983. Open my wardrobe and what…

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Grieving for Strangers

I’ll admit to enjoying a lot about being quarantined: sleeping in, pajamas all day, unstructured hours, long, lazy conversations with my family on the front porch or at the fire pit. But, in the background, I can still sense the constant bell tolling for fellow Americans fighting to breathe, suffering and dying from COVID-19. At…

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