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The Rev. Joani Peacock, Editor for Emmanuel Voices: A Parish Blog

Wonder Bread

My apologies to the gluten-intolerant. (Though I am happy for you that there is gluten-free everything,  including communion wafers😊.) Yes, my apologies, but I do I confess that I am CRAZY about gluten. “Bread is the staff of life,” has been my motto since I was a child. Remember Wonder Bread? Wrapped in a package printed with bright balloons, the…

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Gut-wrenching Compassion

We’re working our way through the sixth chapter of Mark’s gospel this month, taking a deep look at what it means to live like Jesus.  Living like Jesus is more than just doing what Jesus does, and saying what Jesus says.  Living like Jesus means having the same purpose and identifying ourselves completely with Christ. …

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Cool. Clear. Water.

When I was a child “Cool Clear Water” was one of my father’s favorite songs. When my dad sang this song you knew he was in a good mood. At least for the time being, all was right with the world. After a long hard day’s work at the hospital, my dad would come home…

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It’s hard to go home again.

You Can’t Go Home Again is a great American novel by Thomas Wolfe, published in 1940.  The novel tells the story of George Webber, a novice author, who writes a book that turns out to be filled with references to his hometown of Libya Hill, which was actually Asheville, North Carolina. The book was an unqualified…

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Summertime and the livin’ is… George Gershwin Once upon a time, the very first fireworks were concocted in a cooking pot: cooked up by a Chinese cook in her kitchen. At least, so the legend goes. Apparently the combustible ingredients were right there in her spice cabinet: saltpeter, charcoal, sulfur, and a dash of who…

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