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What a Friend We Have in Jesus

Who Do Say That I Am? Lenten Series Post #4 Names are powerful.  How we define ourselves or others defines how we see the world.  She/Her or They/Them.  Democrat or Republican.  Patriot or Traitor. Heretic or Savior.   And in our current world, most people are emphatically sure that they are correct. “Who do you say that I am?”  “You are the…

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The Iona Shepherd

“I am the good shepherd.”  John 10:11 How many times have we read or heard these words? To nearly all of us city-dwellers, shepherds are creatures of Sunday School stories and fairy tales. Not REAL people. But shepherds are real people, even in 2021, and I have learned some important lessons from a precious friend who is a real-life shepherd.  …

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