That Stone

That stone, hewn for mortal sadness
From the dust to dust returned
Waiting to entomb all gladness
Life eternally inurned.

That stone, lit by day’s last sunlight
Welcomed agony’s remains
Tears that dimmed His Mother’s eyesight
Mingled with its life-blood stains.

That stone held in death’s great conquest
For three days God’s vanquished Love.
Hope with blood drained from his pierced chest
For salvation from above.

That stone felt the sudden stirring
Of revitalizing power
Self-creation reoccurring
Signaling despair’s last hour.

That stone saw its gruesome burden
Raise His transformed Self upright
Jesus, Son of God, the Word in
Resurrected flesh made bright.

That stone bore the weightless touch of
Angels perched to fold the shroud
Saw the stone roll, smelled the stench of
Death replaced by fragrant cloud.

That stone soon heartbroken sobbing
From a rended sweet soul heard
Tearful plea, then joy’s heart throbbing
At the Gardener’s soft word.

  • Maria Deasy

Easter Spirituality The Episcopal Church

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The Rev. Joani Peacock, Editor for Emmanuel Voices: A Parish Blog

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