Adulting 1955: A Sabbatical Mixtape

Clergy are notorious for encouraging others to take care of the important things in their lives — but in practice we are really horrible about taking care of them in our own. We postpone the most basic of life’s tasks, always trying to somehow squeeze them in between Sundays, meetings, and pastoral appointments.

So, I have been doing a lot of “adulting” this month and a half on my sabbatical. It occurs to me that in my seventh decade, I should be pretty good at “adulting” by now. But really, I am not so much an adult as I should be. It may sound a bit ridiculous but I did not realize my inspection sticker and tags on my car had expired until I was pumping gas and noticed a line of cars queuing up in the inspection line!

So, I got that taken care of and have now completed a laundry list of other things! I “new year’s” cleaned my house and reorganized my laundry room. I got a physical (my last was in 2019.) I got my eyes checked and new glasses (last visit was 2016.) I converted my gym membership to “silver sneakers” and have gotten back into the pool. My condo got a checkup too: electric, plumbing, HVAC. I did my 2022 taxes. A few other “adulting” things are still on my to-do list: finally getting around to putting together a will and possibly refinancing my house. (The Fed keeps raising rates!) And I still need to get myself to the dentist.

Born in 1955, I thought it would be fun in 2023 to put together a sabbatical mixtape. A mixtape to play while taking care of all of these “adulting”chores and more. My Spotify playlist includes 55 songs released in 1955 (or thereabouts!): show tunes & pop songs, country songs & folk songs, torch songs & ballads, blues & rock n’ roll, and even a couple of TV theme songs! If I wasn’t able to find the version released in ’55, I found a comparable period rendition, if I could.

It’s remarkable how many of these songs still resonate so many years later. It’s remarkable how memorable the voices are — even vaguely so. No matter how old you are, you will recognize many I am sure: Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Little Richard, Fats Domino, Dean Martin. But many will surprise you, as they did me. Remember I was just a baby in 1955!

Click here to download my Spotify playlist “55 for 55“. Or you can sample each song by clicking on the preview below to listen! If you don’t have Spotify, the preview will prompt you to download the app. Or go to your App Store to download on your laptop or smart phone.

Listed below are all 55 songs: two hours and forty minutes for your listening pleasure! You can also listen on Youtube via the links below or as a complete Youtube playlist by clicking here.

Maybe this mixtape can provide the soundtrack for some of your “adulting” too!

Thus concludes my musical sabbatical interlude. I look forward to seeing you all in Holy Week!



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