Storied Time: Sabbatical Postcard #1

So far, on my sabbatical, I have only missed my second Sunday. Three if you count Covid-Christmas-Day!

What possible stories could I have to tell after only 10 days? Well no story in particular really. More so, I want to share with you the serendipitous nature of storytelling itself that has saturated my first week and a half out.

There is no great insight here. No epiphany this Epiphany season. I just want to share what’s below while it’s still on my mind and before I forget and move onto something else! Also, this is an invitation to share in some of these storytelling experiences, if the Spirit so moves you!

I list them in no particular order:

Nighty-Night Stories: No prescription in a bottle or counting sheep can rise to the soporific heights of sleep stories on Calm. My favorites include the ones all about trains and the travels of Humphrey the Cat. Also classic fiction: Gulliver’s Travels, The Time Machine, and Sleepy Hollow – expertly lull me to sleep.

Cinematic Stories: Classics from the forties and fifties: Sunset Boulevard, Mildred Pierce, All About Eve, and “Now Voyager.” Additionally I have watched two 21st c. gems: the surreal and haunting film, Eternal Daughter, and a dark and quirky Irish fairy tale, The Banshees of Inisherin. All of the above, I highly recommend and are available on Amazon Prime, I believe.

Story-Books: Before the Twelfth Day of Christmas concluded, I finished the fourth volume in the series: Valcanourt Books of Victorian Christmas Ghost Stories, and post New Year’s I have just begun: Hamnet, A Novel of the Plague. Spooky, right?

To-Tell-the-Truth-Stories: The second Wednesday of every month, The Perfect Liars Club puts on a show at the Bier Baron Tavern & Comedy Loft in D.C. Four hilarious stories are in the lineup. Three stories are true, one is a lie. After listening, the audience puts the storytellers through the third-degree and then votes! If the liar is chosen, the liar loses. If the liar is not chosen, they’re The Perfect Liar!

Stories in Our Own Backyard: My friend Stephanie Garibaldi, stellar storyteller and story coach extraordinaire, is the cofounder of Story Extreme, a new tale-telling enterprise on this side of the Potomac. They just launched their first show last night with eight boffo tellers at Murphy’s Pub on King Street. Eight hilarious, poignant, provocative tales and more to come every second Monday of the month at Murphy’s. Click here for more info and tickets.

Storytelling 101: I am a newly minted Story District teaching assistant, and will be co-teaching my first class starting next week on Tuesday, January 17. These classes are designed to empower everyone to claim their story, along with giving you the skills to stand up and tell it loud and proud. Story District offers both in-person and virtual classes. Check out the schedule here.

Sucker for Love! Saturday February 11 at the Lincoln Theatre in D.C. I am very excited to be one of eight “suckers” in Sucker for Love!, this year’s Story District annual Valentines show. Come hear the tale of my grand adventures and hilarious mishaps of dating over 60 — along with the tales of seven others. Click here for more info and tickets. I would LOVE to see you there!

This concludes Sabbatical Postcard #1. Over and out!


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