Profiles in Holiness: Rabbi Amy Perlin

Amy has been a friend for nearly 40 years. We met when I worked for her husband back in 1983 and has been a friend ever since.

It may be unusual to nominate a Rabbi in the Reform Judaism Movement for saintly election, but nobody I know exemplifies love of God and your love of neighbor more than Amy. Well known in the Jewish tradition, Amy was the first female Rabbi in America to start her own congregation Temple B’nai Shalom in Fairfax Station, VA, and she has never stopped learning, teaching, and supporting her faith community both in America and in Israel. Retired from over 30 years leading her congregation, Amy continues to give of her time selflessly.

I do not know how she does it, but Amy always has time for friends, former congregants and students, the leadership and seminary of the Reform Judaism Movement, and most importantly her seven grandchildren. She has been there for me time and again with a card, a note, or a hug. But more importantly I know she finds a way to “be present” for everyone in her life, always. She is an amazing person and in my book a saint, even if she would not necessarily support that designation.

— Janie Piemonte

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