Profiles in Holiness: Dorothy Day

Dorothy Day, 1897 – 1980

Our Lady of Lourdes Church Window

I don’t quite remember, but I believe I discovered her when I was a college student and learning about social justice.

Dorothy Day’s discipleship was all about taking care of those who were poor and marginalized as well as speaking truth to power, particularly around war and peace issues. Her focus in life was love of God through love of neighbor. As a Catholic, I was particularly inspired when Pope Francis called her one of four great Americans in his speech to congress in 2015.

There are many stories about her life. For friends who are interested, check out either the documentary, “Revolution of the Heart: The Dorothy Day Story” or “Entertaining Angels.”. I’ve always been inspired by her commitment to social justice. I consider her a spiritual mentor on my journey and in fact, my daughter’s middle name is Day after Dorothy Day. A favorite quote: “We have all known the long loneliness and we have learned that the only solution is love and love comes in community.”

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