A Glimpse of the Hereafter

Who Do Say That I Am? Lenten Series Post #5

I worked with Hospice for eleven years and I had many experiences walking with the Lord.

Dying is an interesting business as a counselor on the outside looking in. I was fortunate to hold the hands of many of the dying, in all of them I saw the Lord. 

I had a patient nine years of age, her name was Sandy. She was dying of Aids which she tragically had contracted from her drug addicted mom. She had been confined to bed for a few months before her death. She told me that heaven was a place where she would be out of pain and be able to play with other children and wear pretty dresses. She died on a sunny day in May. I was fortunate to see a vision of her joyously walking down the path holding the hand of Jesus. She was dressed in a blue and white dress and her long dark hair had a blue bow in it. (When she was alive her hair was cut very short, and I had only ever seen her in her PJ’s.)

The people we meet when doing the Lord’s work open a door for us to see and believe in the truth of Jesus‘ words.

I had another experience with my patient Michael.  He was dying of a cancerous brain tumor. His last wish was to walk his engaged daughter down the aisle on her wedding day. Her family insisted that they wait six months to have the wedding, but this would have been too late for Michael to fulfill his final dream. I was able to gather the family and convince them to have a small ceremony in the church so Michael could wheel down the aisle holding his daughter’s hand. They celebrated with cake and champagne at Michael’s home. He died one week later. When Michael died, he gave me the privilege of seeing him walking into the gates of heaven where Jesus greeted him with a hug. He wore a navy-blue suit and a red striped tie and a blue shirt. (Again, I had never seen Michael dressed in anything but pajamas.) He was buried in that suit.  

Jesus is walking with us all and he gives us glimpses of the hereafter when we do his work. 

Jesus shows us his presence and love when we do hold the hands of his most needy.

— Dr. Joanie Rodano

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