Giver of Grace, Savior of the World

Who Do You Say That I Am? Lenten Series Post #2

Who is Jesus to me? Well…

The hard lesson for me is to learn that at a certain point, my accomplishments are not helpful for my spiritual life. They inflate my ego and fortify my false self.  I begin to think that I can make my life work and, therefore, forget that everything I have received is grace.

Who do I say Jesus is? He is the Savior who — as the Eucharistic Prayer says– brings us “from error into truth, from sin into righteousness, out of death into life.”

The turning points in my life have been marrying Jo Abbott Taylor, our adoption of our two children, and my getting sober from alcohol. All of those were events of sheer grace.  God did for me what I could not do for myself, and it shifted my sense of who is in control of my life.  I am so tempted to think of my accomplishments as pelts on my wall that prove my worthiness, and it took the dead ends of alcoholism and infertility to turn me around and remember that only God is God as well as being grateful that someone would promise to “love, comfort, honor and keep him” as long as we both shall live.

Of course, I forget. Of course, my ego takes over and I think I am in charge. But then I remember that all of life is gift.  I see our children; I embrace my wife; I give thanks that I am still sober, and I thank God in Christ through the Holy Spirit for everything.  

Who do I say He is? The source of life; the giver of grace; the savior of the world.

+Porter Taylor

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