Two by Two (A Children’s Homily)

Life is easier in twos. 

Think of all of the things that come in twos:

  • eyes
  • ears
  • hands
  • arms
  • elbows
  • legs
  • feet
  • knees

The easier to see and hear. Easier to run, skip, and play. Easier to write, draw, build, and create new things. All the easier to do lots of things! I bet you can think of lots more!

And lots of things in life mean more if we share them with someone: a brother, a sister, a mom, a dad, a friend, a neighbor, a schoolmate, a teammate. All kinds of mates!

In today’s gospel, Jesus sends his followers out — two by two — to the surrounding villages to teach the people about the amazing love of God. Out on the road, two together, they would not be lonely. Out on the road, two together, they would have someone to talk to, someone to eat dinner with.

Two by Two!

Jesus’ teaching today reminds me so much of Frog and Toad. If you have not ever read the Frog and Toad stories by Arnold Lobel, I recommend them most highly. 

These two funny and endearing friends live side by side. They love and care for each other in a very everyday way.

Arnold Lobel wrote “Frog and Toad are Friends” for his own children. It’s easy to remember their names because they don’t have any except for Frog and Toad. Toad is short, round and brown. Frog is tall, thin and green. Frog wakes up Toad on the first day of Spring. Toad tells a story to Frog when he is sick in bed. Frog helps Toad find a lost button from his jacket. Frog writes Toad a letter so he gets some mail. I love Frog and Toad.

So, how about this? Pull out some paper and pencils or crayons, and make a list or draw a picture of all the things you can do better two by two!



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