Summertime and the Livin’ is Hopeful

Sunset at Duck: The Outer Banks in North Carolina

Summertime is one of Janie Piemonte’s favorite songs. Before you read her lovely poem below, pause for a few minutes to dwell with George Gershwin’s beautiful tune. Close your eyes and listen to the lilting melody played on the piano and violin. Then with eyes open, listen again as you read Janie’s verse, her hopeful pandemic twist on Gershwin’s lyrics – for summer of 2021.

And the livin’ is hopeful;
We are emerging;
Excitement is high.

Your calendar’s busy;
The travel is coming;
So, stop, for a moment;
And heave a big sigh.

Now is the time
To smile and be thankful.
We’ve been through a lot
But the future looks bright.

Until we get there,
Have faith in each other,
Say a prayer, remember this time.

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The Rev. Joani Peacock, Editor for Emmanuel Voices: A Parish Blog

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