Happy Birthday Emmanuel Voices!

Happy Birthday Emmanuel Voices!

We are SO excited! Our parish blog just turned ONE! Launched last year on the Feast of Pentecost, Emmanuel Voices aspires to be,

A literary gathering place for — creativity, connection, community & conversation. 

A place to listen, learn and explore.

Lifting up voices, familiar and new, from the pews and beyond. 

Over the past year:

Voices has published 184 posts:  Written by 2 Bishops, 6 Clergy, 2 Staff, 5 Seminarians, 15 Parishioners, 3 Artists, multiple Musicians, 2 Journalists, 3 Poets, 1 Social Worker, 3 Non-Profit Directors & more.

Our Parish Blog has 120 WordPress and email Followers – 40% in the parish, 60% beyond. Voices has been visited 5,305 times by folks from all over the world: The United States (mostly!), The United Kingdom, India, Ireland, China, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, France, Zimbabwe, Australia & lots of others too!

The 184 posts combined have been: Read 14,503 times (about 2.7 views each.) Listened to (audio) 15,774 times. Watched (video) 4,990 times. 

Want to get on the Voices bandwagon? Of course, you do! Come explore, click on the links below in red, and sample the blog’s:

Top Twenty PostsJesus Feeds His People * God’s Holy Web * Sent *  Of the Father’s Love BegottenCome to Me *  She Sang Me Across the Bridge * Ryan Plays “The Gift of Love”  *  Wait ‘til You Turn 60 * Waiting for Georgia * Simplify: Spiritual Songs for Lent *  Pregnant with Hope * Finding Hope in the Kitchen *  The Parish Priest & The Manic Maid of Orleans * Keeping Ourselves ReadyDarkness to Light * Chatty Cathy’s Words to Live By & The Guitar Circle Plays “Alleluia, Alleluia”

Special Collections: Mixtape Devotionals for Advent & Lent * Coffee Hour Editions on Books, Music, Films & Food * Children’s Homilies: Sunday Morning Messages for the Younger Set * Musical Performances: Vocal and Instrumental * Visual Art: Drawing, Painting & Photography.

A little Poetry, and a handful of Podcasts.

And, last but not least, Two Guest Blogging Series: Holed Up for a Year, I Hope  & Summertime and the Livin’ is Blank!

You can search by keyword or click on any tag.  Follow us online or subscribe via email. Subscriptions are free, you know!😊 And Voices would love to hear from you! If you have an idea for a series or a post of your own, that would be great! Please, reach out to Joani, Editor-in-Chief. She’s standing by!

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The Rev. Joani Peacock, Editor for Emmanuel Voices: A Parish Blog

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