Waiting for Georgia

“I’m not much of a poet…”

I’m not much of a poet, but I felt compelled to write this poem almost a year ago, during the height of the pandemic, while waiting for the arrival of our daughter, Georgie, who is almost 10 months now.  With a full heart, we took this pic together on our first family vacation to Newport, RI. Georgia loves the sea and this summer we plan to explore the North Carolina coast where her mother and grandmother grew up.

Waiting for You  

I sit here in an old family chair; 

A relic of the past. 

And, I eagerly await your arrival — 

That’s what I do best, now.

I can feel your effervescent spirit.

You tickled my soul at a stop light today. 

I’m anxious yet full of excitement,

While the world seems on fire.

But, through fire comes renewal.

A clean break with the past.

A full heart, full of new beginnings;

Hope for the future.

And, the greatest new beginning of all:


— June 2020, Jode Willingham to his daughter Georgia, born on July 4, 2020. 

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