Hope Makes for the Best of Friends

“Holed Up for a Year, I Hope…”

Holy Week blog post from Nancy Dupree

“Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other is gold.”  

I learned this axiom as a Girl Scout and I do believe it.  I have relied on my friends all my life.  I was an only child so, friends have been really important to me.    Friends have always been my main support.  I have been blessed with friends throughout the years, from high school, college, and beyond.  

My best friend in high school, college, and beyond was Joanie – she was my roommate, my maid of honor, and my BBF (Best Best Friend) Forever, even though she left me and moved to Portland, Oregon. There is something very special about having history with someone who has known you and been with you through really hard times and very good times.  I have several friends with whom I have that history and they brighten my life! 

During the pandemic, I have not been able to be with my friends in person at Emmanuel Church. I have mostly been with my new friends in my condo which has turned out to be such a  blessing.  Previously I had known them only by passing one another in the hallways or at book club.

But during Covid, when the weather has been agreeable, we have met out on the patio social distancing.  Particularly during the long hideous election months when one or the other of them would send out a text saying “let’s partner on the patio” or “vodka on the veranda, beer on the bench, wine on the wall?”  It’s fortunate that we were all sufficiently compatible so, that we could cry, complain, and then rejoice together that it was finally over!😊  

We’re all single women, either widows, divorced, or never married, and we have all had wonderful stories to share, as none of us have known each other for more than a few years.  Getting to know them has definitely been a blessing that has come out of this terrible pandemic.

Holed up for a year, I have found hope and healing in their gift of friendship.🦋

Nancy Dupree is a lifelong member of Emmanuel Episcopal Church, Alexandria, VA.

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