Oops! I’m Sorry! (A Children’s Homily)

Do you guys remember what season it is? Sure, it’s spring – flowers are blooming and the weather is warming up. But in church, it’s a different season. Do you remember what season this is? 

It’s Lent! This is the time leading up to a big holiday in a couple of more weeks: Easter. Easter might be the happiest, best day in the whole year. It’s when we celebrate the Resurrection, which was when Jesus rose again after he died on the cross.

But we shouldn’t celebrate Easter too early. Lent is a really important time. It’s when we remember that sometimes we do bad things – we’re mean to our siblings or we don’t do our chores. Maybe we even think bad things about our classmates. God knows that sometimes we will mess up, but God is always there to love us and forgive us if we say we’re sorry. 

The psalm we heard today – a psalm is a little bit like a song – talks about this. The person who wrote the psalm says that sometimes he does bad things, but that he prays really hard to God and asks God to forgive him, which God does. That’s what Lent teaches us to do! We have to say we’re sorry for the bad things we say and do, and ask God to forgive us. And then on Easter, we can celebrate that Jesus loves us so much, and that God loves us even though we have maybe done some not great things. So, for two more weeks, until Easter, I want you all to try and focus on noticing when you do bad things, and to tell God you’re sorry for those things. And I can’t wait to celebrate Easter with all of you – on Zoom – in April!

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