The Superhero in Us All

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I bet a lot of you know who Spiderman is, right? He is this amazing character who is sometimes a normal person, and sometimes a superhero. During the day, he is named Peter Parker. He goes to school, and helps out with chores at home, and spends time with friends and family. But at night, he is Spiderman! He can soar through the sky and swing from building-to-building using a web he shoots out of his own hand. At night, he uses his spider powers to chase down bad people and help good people get out of danger. Peter Parker is a pretty amazing guy!

You know who is another pretty amazing guy? Jesus. Up to this point, Jesus has always looked like a normal man. We know that he has amazing special powers, because he has done miracles. He has helped people see who have never seen before; he has healed people who are sick; one time he turned a few loaves of bread into enough to feed 5000! But Jesus always tells his friends, “don’t tell anyone how special I am.” He wants people to see him being nice and helping others and for them to do the same. He wants to be an example for all of us to look up to, not because he is a superhero, but because he is kind and loving.

But in today’s story, Jesus finally reveals his superhero side. He goes up a mountain with a few of his friends, and right before their eyes, he turns bright white and is glowing. He is so bright that his friends probably needed sunglasses to even look at him. And while he is up on this mountain, looking so bright white and special, a big cloud comes over the sky and the voice of God yells out, “This is my Son! Listen to him!” Pretty crazy, right? And kind of scary for Jesus’s friends who are up there with him! But God wants to remind them that Jesus is special. He is not just a normal guy, like Peter Parker. He is a superhero, and he and God are a lot alike. And I think the lesson that we can learn from this is that we should all try to be a little bit more like Spiderman and a little bit more like Jesus. We all have some power inside us – maybe we can’t make spiderwebs out of our hands, but we can be powerful by being generous and friendly. So, let’s go out this week and be the superheroes we know we are inside! 

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