Showing Love: A Children’s Homily

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In the Gospel today, Jesus tells us a story about a party. I’m sure lots of you have been to birthday parties, and at this party everyone is given a special thing to wear. It could be a hat, or a sash, or a robe, but it was something that everyone wore together, to show how much they loved one another. Let’s just guess that it was a special party hat. 

Now, there was one person who came to the party, who ate and drank and had fun, but would not wear that special party hat, even though he had one. The host had asked everyone to wear the party hat to show how happy they all were together, and how much they loved each other. The hat was a symbol of their love for each other. But he refused to wear his hat. He didn’t care about everyone’s love. He liked being at their party, but he didn’t care about the feelings of the other guests or the host. 

So, what is Jesus teaching us in this story? I think it can teach us about gratitude. Gratitude is remembering to say “thank you,” and reminding yourself how glad you are to have a family: parents, siblings, and friends, a home, food to eat, and clothes to wear. If you have gratitude, you act in a way that shows others just how much you love them, just like wearing a special party hat. So, here are some questions you can talk about with your parents: 1.) How can you show your brothers or sisters, friends or parents how much you love them? and then, 2.) How do you show your love for everyone, even those people who aren’t your friends?

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