Coffee Hour: The Musical Edition

Sunday, September 20th, Emmanuel’s Pied Piper, Ryan Fitch, Emmanuel’s Music Director, hosted Zoom Coffee Hour. The topic was favorite hymns, songs and music: secular and sacred. And so much fun! Ryan, a gifted teacher, choral director and organist makes everything fun!

The Zoom screen was more than Brady Bunch full, as people shared their favorites and the stories behind them: sweet, funny, poignant, and moving. The music came from everywhere: Broadway musicals, church choirs, classical composers, summer camp, film scores, and Christian radio. And oh yes, lots of folks came with the music they have lined up for their funerals.😊 (Ryan also recommended a book: “1000 Recordings to Listen To Before You Die”😊.)

There were also some great choristers (meaning everyone!) this morning. If you would like to join Zoom Choir Practice with Ryan on Thursday evenings at 7:00 p.m., contact the office for the link.

Here follows the list, in no particular order, with links to listen.

Ryan Fitch:

Bonnie Fairbank

Chuck Dervarics

Laura Bishop

Meredith Wade

Sarah Hastings

Nettie Briggs

Patty Vance

Beth Boland

Anna Mary Portz

Sue Kenny

Katherine Conner

Peggy Conner

Nan DeRenzi

Karen Coda

Mary & Phil Kasik

Jode & Hayes Willingham

Judi Brush

Chuck McCoart

Joani Peacock

Enoy and please, feel free to share!

  • Reported Out by JLP, Ryan’s Stenographer😊

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