Ryan Plays “A Mighty Fortress/Holy Holy Holy”

This piece comes from one of my favorite composers and arrangers for sacred piano pieces – Gary Prim.  It is from my collection of twenty or more books by him.  He’s a fantastic arranger and has worked with many music celebrities including Kristin Chenowith, Alan Jackson, Pattie Labelle, and my favorite Reba McEntire.  He was raised in Tennessee and currently lives in Nashville. Before he “made it” in the country and pop music industry, he toured and worked with several gospel bands and musicians. 

Years ago, when I was music shopping, I came across a book of his arrangements of hymn tunes and I fell in love with these pieces.  His music is easy to play and sounds far more challenging than it actually is, which is always helpful as an active and busy musician.  Being raised Lutheran and having served at many Lutheran churches over the years, knowing how to play “A Mighty Fortress” in your sleep is practically a law! 

I hope you enjoy it!

— Ryan Fitch, Music Director, July 2020

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