Healing Words & Sleeping Seeds: A Children’s Homily

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Good morning, my younger Emmanuel friends!! Thanks for listening and watching my story this morning! Did you just wake up? Are you still sleepy? Me too!!

Today in the gospel Jesus tells the story of the sower. A sower is someone who plants seeds. Like a gardener or a farmer. Maybe you have planted some seeds in pots or in the dirt in your backyard.

Seeds are one of God’s little miracles. And words are kind of like seeds. Both planted in the right place and at the right time can do a whole lot of good.

Just like you, seeds are sleepy. They need a little time to wake up. They take their time before poking their heads above the ground.

Seeds sprout, and grow, then blossom and bloom into beautiful flowers and delicious fruit.

Seeds come in all sizes. Just like you! There are teeny tiny poppy seeds, itty bitty apple seeds, and avocado pits.

Seeds come up with good ideas. Just like you! Sometimes birds or the wind carry seeds and drop them in unusual places. But seeds still find a way to grow.

Seeds are generous and kind. Just like you! As they grow up, they share everything they have with the world. Leafy vegetables. Crunchy carrots. Can you thinks of some more?

Seeds like to go on adventures. Just like you! But they don’t have to go far. They can take root and have an adventure right in their own backyard.

Seeds get tired. Just like you. After giving all they have, they need a nice long nap. The plants that popped up from the seeds will make new seeds to plant in the earth.

Until its time to wake up again!

Jesus reminds us today that Jesus’ words are like seeds that God plants in our hearts. God’s words are generous and kind. God’s words inspire us to do new and amazing things. God’s words help us to grow into the best people that we can be. God’s words lift our spirits when we are sad. God’s words cheer us on morning, noon, and night.

All of God’s words are words of love. May all of our words be words of love too.

Thanks for listening! Enjoy this beautiful day!

— Joani

NOTE: These pictures are from a lovely book, A Seed is Sleepy, written by Diana Hutts Aston and illustrated by Sylvia Long. I have a copy on my Kindle. Check it out here.

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